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We break boundaries and unleash innovation to build extraordinary products that change lives and makes business prosper.

At the heart of every business is a hero’s journey. We help your brand come to live, tell your story and convey your purpose through design, product and experience, so you can connect with and inspire your customers.

  • Brand Strategy & Experience

  • Visual Identity and Design

  • Guidelines & Systems

  • Content Strategy and Story Telling

  • Trends & Insights

We innovate and design digital products that empower your users with real impact. We optimise every step of the user journey with a deep-rooted understanding of their needs and motivations, to generate rapid ROI and growth for your business.

  • Functional Prototyping

  • UX & UI Design

  • Software Development

  • Digital Strategy

  • SEO Strategy & Systems

  • Product Marketing

We help you solve your most important technical challenges to enable you to create breakthrough innovations in your industry and put you on the frontier of value creation while solidifying your long-term competitive advantages.

  • Technical Architecture

  • Systems Design

  • Protocol Design

  • Data Science

  • AI and Machine Learning

  • Distributed Systems

In this new paradigm, users are in control of content and community, and understanding both the technology and user experience is key. We help you design and build the technology and experience needed to take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Mechanism and Protocol Design

  • Smart Contracts

  • Cryptography

  • Tokenomics

  • Digital Assets and NFT’s

We build and accelerate game-changing ventures, and support entrepreneurs dedicated to making a difference. We help with growth and scale along your journey to give you an unfair advantage in making your vision a reality.

  • Go-To-Market

  • Growth Strategy

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Fundrasing

  • Advisor Network

  • Talent and People

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Product Design, Venture Development, Apps and Digital Platforms


MoneyFox, a “one-stop shop for all your financing needs”, sought a cofounder that could act both as product designers and hands-on experts. Uruz provided branding and design, development and venture development services.

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