A launchpad for your product.

We can cooperate as an extension of your team or as your end-to-end development team.



Our development flow

Know what to expect ahead of time – from the first interaction to launching your product.

Fundional discovery workshop

The exciting start of the journey where we support you in setting the core foundations of the project with a digital or in person workshop to discuss your vision, idea and business requirements. Our team of professionals will analyze all your business needs to give you the best advice about product delivery.

    Introduce us to your idea, vision and business

    Ask questions, breakdown your vision and structure a detailed plan

    Clear, defined scope, user stories and budget estimate

Project kick-off

Based on the workshop we align on the project plan, increments and deliverables, deploy your dedicated team and kick-off. This tried and true process gives our clients peace of mind and transparency to know their product development is in careful hands.

    Engage actively in work planning process, providing feedback and decisions

    Open communication channels, deploy tools and assemble your dedicated project team

    Project team knows milestones, processes, roles, responsibilities, and the definition of done

Pre-launch - our secret sauce

We work in an iterative approach driving incremental real business value that you can get your hands on. We pride ourselves on an efficient product delivery process which will involve regular communication with you. This will empower you to verify, test and iterate on your product vision during this iterative process.

    Actively engage in weekly reviews, testing and planning

    End-to-end management of the process and communication, to iteratively deliver the project scope

    A deliverable that meets your requirements and exceeds expectations

Fundional discovery workshop

We work with you for all compliance and regulatory pre-flight checks. We also have a fullstack marketing and data analytics team on the launchpad ready to support you in marketing, tracking and data-driven iterating utilizing first and 3rd party data.

    Prepare your business and processes for the launch of your new software

    Execute all software, analytics, tracking and marketing automation pre-flight checks

    Flawless launch of your software

Product launch and maintenance

Once launched we take the upmost care in maintaining, supporting and further developing your product! The goal of this phase is to tune the product performance and quality to your real production use cases.

    Focus on growing your business with your new software

    Respond to your requests, monitor software stability and proactively provide updates

    Stable, scalable and secure software

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